Savings Plan
Make your money work for you!

Whether you're dreaming of a vacation, planning for carnival festivities, celebrating special moments like first communions, renovating your home, or simply aiming for peace of mind. Let us navigate this financial journey with you.

Picture this: set a specific savings goal and watch your money grow with a fantastic 2% annual interest. That's not all – commit to saving the same amount for 12 months, and you'll earn an extra 0.25%. This means that you can earn a total interest of 2.25% (APY 2.25%).

It's more than just numbers; it's about turning your dreams into reality. Begin with an amount that suits your budget – save between ANG 25 and ANG 3,500 each month for 12 months.

Join us in taking that first step toward financial empowerment with the Savings Plan #BanSparKuNos #ComeSaveWithUs.

Your dreams are within reach – start saving today!