Saving is a wise financial approach and an integral part of how for years our community has reached milestones. Let's keep that tradition.
PSB Savings - Commit to smart saving solutions

PSB Bank prides itself on having one of the best savings interest rates in the market. Determine your savings goal, set your savings deadline, and let us help you reach that important milestone.

PSB Bank Savings

A PSB Bank savings account is ideally suited for those who want to deposit whenever and however much they choose and to withdraw and transfer without restrictions. There are no additional or hidden costs involved and the minimum starting balance is ANG 25.00. Interest rate is calculated daily and paid at the end of the year. A PSB Bank savings account is a great way to save for children’s education, build a fund for retirement, or just save for a rainy day.  

Contact us today to open your savings account and take advantage of our competitive interest rate.

Time Deposits (TD's)

When you have a lump sum that you intend to save for an extended period, a Time Deposit (TD) of 1 to 5 years is your best option. You will receive a confirmation letter specifying the amount for each TD, the duration of the TD, and the annual interest percentage. The minimum amount for starting a TD is ANG 5,000. Withdrawal prior to the expiration date is possible, but it is subject to a penalty fee. Interest is added on maturity and is calculated over the deposited amount. At the expiration date of the time deposit, you can claim your original sum plus interest.

Contact us today to invest in a TD and take advantage of fixed interest rates until maturity.

For time deposit above Ang. 1 million, please contact us.